+++ ALPHAhealth our COVID-19 program for you +++



Dear guests and friends of Obertauern.

our daily aim has always been to preserve and promote health - even in volatile times like these. The current situation shows us how important it is to strengthen, protect and care for our most valuable asset - our health.
That is why it is all the more important to us to be a place where you are fully looked after, can let yourself go and enjoy a unique, trusting atmosphere.

With the increasing number of infections all over Europe, the requirements of the Austrian government and health authorities for the coming winter will again become much stricter. You can rest assured that we have taken all the necessary precautions and are making every effort to make the process as safe as possible for our guests and staff.

We have therefore summarised all measures and services for you:


Be safe and stay legally protected with the Europäische Reiseversicherung (European travel insurance) also in case of COVID-19 affection. More informations as well as an calculator you will find here.

Europäische Reiserversicherung

- Online registration,
do it from home and your check in will be very easy at your arrival.

- Welcome,
to meet each other and shake hands is not up to date. So we welcome you in our hotel with an combination of the "Namaste greeting" and the Austrian words "Grüß Gott" ;-)


Our whole stuff ALPHAteam will be tested on COVID-19 at the beginning of the winter season. At work they wear face masks and will be tested every day in the morning of high temperature and indications of COVID-19. At our reception we have plexiglass windows.

- For our guests,
please wear a face mask at our buffet and please take on of our medical gloves. Please also wear a face mask in areas, where the safety distance of 1,5 metre is not possible.

- "more private places"
in our hotel, we have created some recreation places for you!
   - we created an Alpine Retreat Room as an place for reading books or just for relaxing.
   - also we are creating an new sport-lounge with SKY SPORT HD for your international sport experiences.


- Buffets
are allowed under official order, so we are providing in the morning our breakfast buffet, in the afternoon our After-ski-lunch and in the evening to the dinner our salad and cheese. Directly at the buffet we are providing disinfection system and utensils for everybody.

- Breakfast without getting up!
For some extra charge you could choose between 3 different types of breakfast and we are serving to your table. So you have not to go to the breakfast buffet.

- Our restaurant will be open again at 1.00 p.m. for the rest of the day and we are providing some á la carte vital snacks. So you don´t need to visit some of the ski huts in our region, you could enjoy our Natural Art Cuisine also in the afternoon in our restaurant. Our new outdoor lounge will be also open by good weather conditions.


- OZONOS Aircleaner against the Corona virus.
Our areas at the reception and lobby, our lounge at the entry and also the buffet area in our restaurant are air cleaned by OZONOS. The international approved instituted HygCen Germany GmbH confirmed that the OZONOS AC-I PRO eliminate to 90% the Corona virus at the surface and much more in the air.


At all public entrys we are providing disinfection systems, please use them also like regular washing hands. The ventilation system was inspected and is up-to-date, also our mattresses are cleaned by an specialist.

- Please prefer using your private toilete on your room, also for your own safety.

- Our fitness center ALPHAsport providing more disinfections for your safety training.

Our +++ COVID-19 security measures +++ will be updated every time under consider with the legislator.

Status: 06th April 2021


+ Informations from the ski resort - here are the reasons why Obertauern, Austria´s snowiest ski resort, is the ideal holiday destination in this very special winter:

- You are already on the mountain and do not have to wait in a big crowd with other visitors to get up to the slopes.
- There are no waiting times or larger crowds at the ski lifts.
   - You could go straight from our hotel to the ski bridge no. 5 and to the slopes - there is no need for long drives.
   - You can reach virtually all locations on foot or by public ski bus. You do not have to take your own car.
- 100 km of prepared pists and a lof of open country provide more than enough space for winter-sports fans of all stripes - even for deep-snow afficionados.
- There are almost exclusively open-air chair lifts that will take you the wonderful slopes of your choosing.
- When you buy a ski pass, you will get an multifunctional cloth for free, this could be used as a mouth and nose protection (MNS).

>> We are reinvesting in our ALPHAtauern hotel resort, for more informations please click here.



Yours Daniela & Bernhard-Sebastian Lürzer with our ALPHAteam!