ALPHA_sport: in- and outdoor

A health-oriented lifestyle in motion!
In many years of specific development we created our ALPHAconcept, based on research and trends, which inspires to a new attitude of life.
As brother and sister, who lives this lifestyle day-to-day, we are able to pass our knowledge authentical and convincingly to our guests.


Our ALPHA_coaches

Start your training with an professional and get inspired from their know-how!


Christin Fiedler, she is Austria´s most succesfull kick- & thai boxing woman. In the winter seasin 20/21 she will be in our hotel every week.

programm: fitness, boxing, kickboxing & thaiboxing.

Christin Fiedler, Wk: 55-57kg
Titel: Kickbox Austrian Champion Semi Kontakt 2007
Boxen Austrian Champion 2009
Muay Thai austrian Champion 2010 / 2011
K1 Kickbox austrian Champion 2011
Austrian Muaythai Champion 2014

IFMA World Championship 2010 (5-8 place)
IFMA World Championship 2012 3rd Place
IFMA World Championship 2014

WAKO K1 World Championship 2013 ( 5 Place )
K1-Austrian Classics Winner 2013
Ifma-Tournament Czech Republic 2013 (2 Place)
K1 -Czech Open Winner 2013
K1 -Szeged World Cup 2014 (3rd Place)
Czech Open 2014 / 2nd Place
Muay Thai Fightnight Samui 4 Rounds 2 min ..Winner

K1 Fightnight Styer 2015 3x3 min
Winner against Swisserland

K1 Austrian Classics 2015 2 Place
K1 World Cup Szeged 2015 1 Place

Muaythai Royal Worldcup Contender 2015
K1 Worldchampionship 2015 2 Place

Fights: 57 (36 win / 21 loss / 3 knock outs)
Pro and Amateur Rekord

Pro Record : 9 fights ( 5 win / 4 loos / 2 Knock outs)

|| MOUNTAIN.YOGA by Nini Orda ||
Yoga inspired from the nature and nativeness

MOUNTAIN. A practice inspired by the mountains and nature full of strength, energy and harmony. Powerful and soft connected with nature.

FOCUS. A point – a closed circle, representing your time to take a break and rest, for more inner peace and calmness.

YOGA. Body, spirit and soul centred on the yoga mat. Feeling your breath, flow and mindfulness.



Our drink bottles for your sport are sustainable prdouced and made of glas. Snapbacks and more for your private lifestyle.