ALPHA_health - new life begins where ancient wisdom meets modern science.

The focus of our ALPHAhealth concept is on the prevention, for a long and healthy life. Following we are presenting our subject areas. Based on three main focus areas we have developed our ALPHAhealth with some professionals:

- Active life with "sport and movement":
For our guests we are providing a big sort of activities. Skiing or snowboard, cross-country-skiing or winter walking - the possibilities are varied. Indoor we are providing an gym with the newest facilities.

- Health oriented energy cuisine:
With our Natural Art Cuisine we have developed an energy cuisine with our chef de cuisine, based on a vital and healthy nutrition.

- Aware regeneration and rehabilitation:
In cooperation with our professionals from nutrition, naturopathy and sport we are providing some health tips for your prevention. Already on your room you will find some selfcare-treatments.

Health succeeds when it is understood holistically and when action is taken accordingly. In addition, health awareness and self-care should be part of every person´s daily routine: dealing appropriately with routines and daily challenges has a lasting influence on our well-beeing.

Gladly we inform you about the continuous development of our ALPHAhealth concept.


Below, we present the most important fields of action of our work. We consider health to be the sum of these "determinants" - each building block occupies a significant position in the overall consideration of body, mind and soul.



The idyllic village Obertauern is located at top of the Radstädter Tauern and is only a 60-minute drive from Salzburg city. Vast meadows, deep forests and a breathtaking view of the Alps are some of the location’s trademarks. The ALPHAtauern hotel resort is situated near the center on a sunny plateau where body and mind can be replenished with new energy during your health oriented winther-holiday.

The serene landscape that is surrounding ALPHAtauern Obertauern fosters an inner and outer balance. Our guests can participate in a wide variety of outdoor activities to connect to nature: skiing, cross-country-skiing, snow shoe trekking, free riding and more. The spectacular panoramic view of Salzburg’s mountainside will only add to the experience.

Experience complete renewal and enjoy revitalizing energy basking in a wonderful nature. Enjoy a unique and familiar atmosphere and let ALPHAtauern Hotel Resort take care of all your needs, so you’ll feel right at home.

The philosophy of our ALPHAhealth.

Our ALPHAhealth concept based on an academic healtch-concept, to promote your physical and mental performance. A combination of sports medicine and alternative medicine for a powerful life.

Our ALPHAhealth is developed on three types:

>> Active life with "sport and movement".
Our guests can participate in a wide variety of outdoor activities to connect to nature: skiing, cross-country-skiing, snow shoe trekking, free riding and more.

>> Health oriented energy "cuisine".
With our chef de cuisine we have generated our Natural Art Cuisine, a cuisine who´s taking care of your immune system and healthiness.

>> "Regeneration, rehabilitation" and stress relaxation.
Togehther with our experts of nutrition, alternative medicine and pro sports we are providing lots of preventative recommendations for a healthy lifestyle. Also at your room you will find some treatments.

Our mindset and holistic approach.

Our inner attitude to ourselves and all the things arround us greatly influences our actions, thoughts and feelings. But our mindset can also in turn be influenced, so that we start to take charge of our surroundings and ourselves. In recent years, we have become increasingly conscious of the importance of mindset. For this reason, we have decided to make it a fundamental component of our concept.

We never rest on our laurels and work daily on new approaches to augment our concept down to the finest detail. Also we have made an important step in making a major lasting impact. All parts of our ALPHAhealth are indispensable components of our concept; to truly reach this sense of holistic wellbeing, an interplay between all pillars is of utmost importance.

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Enjoyment from sunrise to sunset with our gourmet culinary experience restaurant will turn your holiday into a dining delight.

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Comfortable single rooms, spacious double rooms and luxury modern suites with "private sauna" - everything you need.

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Peace and relaxation after a wonderful day with sauna, steam bath, massages or treatments in our ALPHAspa.